Covenant, It’s only a Paper Moon, Prodigal Daughter, The Emperor’s New Cloak


Dukat, the new leader of the Pah’wraith cult, abducts Kira.

I liked the return to Empok Nor but I would have liked to see it a bit more dark and rundown as before. It would have made things more creepy. As it stands the place looked too much like DS9.

The story of a religious leader who is leading people astray is nothing new but I enjoyed watching this take. It helped a lot that we weren’t bouncing back to DS9 for parallel stories. Made things just a shade more claustrophobic and inescapable.

The twist where a Bajoran baby turned out to be Dukat’s love child was also nothing new but it was pretty satisfying to see the instrument of Dukat’s doom be revealed like that.

There are times where all these Dukat episode feel like a montage of him trying different jobs: Captain, Truck Driver, Cult Leader, Crazy guy, General, Dad. I hope he finds himself.


Nog struggles to recover following his leg amputation.

Love the title of this episode. Ignoring the song reference, it’s so ominous. The tone is perfect for an episode about a guy who’s recovering from a war amputation in a holosuite.

They really had me for the first 2/3rds of the episode. It kind of fell apart once Ezri mistakenly assumed that Vic was going to trick Nog into realizing it was time to leave the holodeck, I think that was the wrong turn.

For one thing, I don’t like the way Ezri has been used thus far. I liked how the Garak situation was handled by her a few episodes back. As I look at it now though it was just a little bit too accidental. Here, she accomplishes nothing. This could really have been a moment for Ezri to shine. They’ve added a counselor to the cast without having her do any counselling.

I’m okay with Vic being this self-aware, ALMOST real person but only to a point. When he starts thinking independently enough to help Nog get over PTSD though, they’ve lost me. Ezri should have been there, working with Vic, to help Nog. What happened just felt silly.


Ezri spends time with her family.

Ezri’s original last name was Tegan? I was just thinking a few hours ago that in a DS9 reboot Ezri would be played by either Tegan or Sara. Crazy.

Anyway, I wish they had taken a moment to think up a Trill equivalent of the term “maiden name”. What the opposite of joined? Detached name

The establishing shots of New Sydney in this episode are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Movie quality stuff. In fact they’re better than a lot of movie ones.

Other than that, though, this episode really sucks.


Quark and Rom go to rescue to the Nagus from the Mirror Universe.

I enjoyed this more than the rest of the mirror episodes. Not quite sure why. Maybe it was the focus on a character arc for Ezri – too often these mirror episodes are just a mish-mash of characters and events. This one felt more focused.

Although I like Ezri Dax as a character I wonder if the character might have been better if they structured her more like mirror Ezri. Kind of a dark and feisty rebel. It still would have allowed them to have a reluctant Trill host but actually got some conflict out of the situation. Might have been interesting to have an arc over the course of season 7 be Ezri finding some inner peace thanks to the Dax symbiont.


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