Profit and Lace, Time’s Orphan, The Sound of her Voice, Tears of the Prophets


Quark in drag.

Armin Shimmerman’s contact must have said that X number of episodes per year had to feature him as the main character. They’re getting a little bit desperate for Ferengi themed stories. This one’s rather tiresome.


Molly O’Brien is briefly transported into the past and then returns as an 18 year old savage.

This is old school Trek but I enjoyed watching it. The end was a little bit silly, things worked out rather conveniently – make that perfectly conveniently.


A woman the crew is racing to rescue becomes a surrogate counsellor via subspace.

The big twist at the end of the episode is that she died 8 years ago. They have been talking to her in the past. Their rescue mission recovers nothing but a pile of bones.

Although I enjoyed watching this it really did strain credibility. The woman in distress just happened to have been on a deep space operation for 8 years. That’s why she doesn’t know about the war? Her hours upon days of conversation with the crew never once mentioned anything date specific at all? Don’t you think Sisko might have mentioned heping rebuild the fleet after Wolf 359? Considering what a major part Sisko has played in building the fleet and then commanding it from DS9, he SHOULD remember the name Olympia.

Don’t you think that someone on the Defiant would have remembered the USS Olympia going missing eight years earlier? It would have been a pretty tragic loss for a ship to go on a deep space mission for 8 years and then get destroyed – resulting in a huge loss of scientific research. I can easily imagine that on account of that there would have been some major reviews of how deep space missions are conducted and word of that would have hit the Defiant crew at some point in their lives. Seems like it would have been a big story.

Oh well. If you forgive that then this isn’t such a bad episode. But I think it might have been interesting (and tragic) if at the end the crew could still talk to her through time after finding her dead body. They already know she’s dead and they don’t tell her, they just let her fall asleep, waiting for rescue. Like I said… tragic.


R.I.P. D.A.X.

I went in knowing that Dax would die in this one. Yet this episode does a remarkable job of making us think that completely different things are at stake. The subplot about Dax and Worf trying to conceive didn’t feel manipulative, it really felt like a turning point in Dax’s life. It felt “on time” for them to have a child. It felt like it was time for a change in Dax’s life: a kid, a new assignment, or death.

Like every death I’m Star Trek, the way it happens is pretty lame. The nonsensical way that Dukat’s kills Dax is on par with Tasha Yar’s meaningless death and Kirk’s anticlimactic death.

I will give the last five minutes of this episode an A+ though. I don’t blame Sisko for leaving his job. I would take a sabbatical at this point too; no matter how dedicated I was. He expels all this effort battling the Dominion, is victorious and yet it kills his best friend and shuts off the Bajorans from their Gods.

So amazing that this episode and the episode one year earlier both conclude via Sisko’s baseball. I could write a 5 page essay on baseball in Star Trek.

The closing shot of Sisko – content to just scrub potatoes – free of responsibility – no one counting on his decisions – is one of my favorite Trek moments.


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