Waltz, Who Mourns for Morn, Far Beyond the Stars, One Little Ship


Sisko and Dukat have a war of words.

Okay, here’s the thing. the first half of the episode is Sisko pretending to respect Dukat while under duress. Then, the twist in the story comes and Sisko decides playing nice won’t save his life. From then on Sisko is brutally honest with Dukat about what he REALLY thinks of him. For the second half I really enjoyed this two man play. The first half of the episode, although essential to making this twist work, was really pretty dull.

I did get the definite impression that the goal here was to make Dukat into Sisko’s nemesis by the end of the episode. I think they’ve already made some plans for their relationship as the rest of the series plays out.


Quark inherits Morn’s estate.

I was super disppointed in this one. I guess a great title can only get you so far.


Sisko finds himself in the 1940s in the life of a sci-fi writer.

I’ve heard about this episode and I know it’s well regarded. It lives up to the reputation.

Sisko keeps pontificating about which is the dream: the life in the past or the life in the future. I said to myself repeatedly, I know it’s the life in the past that is a dream – the life on DS9 is the one that’s real.

Then I realized, the people who wrote this episode in the 1990s live in a time much closer to the 1940s than the 2370s. Those writers have dreamed about a time when a black man is in charge of saving humanity. So technically DS9 is the dream. The 1940s story is in no way a dream, it’s fact. It’s real without question.

This was the first time I’ve ever watched sci-fi and it made me wonder if there is some level above mine where someone is watching me write a blog about DS9.

One thing I thought was really cool was that Avery Brooks, as a director, uses the DS9 cast but in roles that are totally against type. It works really well and is a great showcase of just how talented all these actors really are.

11 out of 10. A better episode than most audiences deserve or can even ponder.


Honey, I shrunk the Runabout.

This episode is ridiculous. The problem is it’s not ridiculous enough. It could have been more fun. The scene with Bashir and O’Brien as miniatures walking around the inside of a computer was cool but the episode needed more of that instead of just one drawn out scene. I did like Sisko’s plan of having everyone pretend to work on fixing the engines while only Kira was actually doing anything useful. But this was really just a missed opportunity.


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