In the Pale Moonlight, His Way, The Reckoning, Valiant,


Sisko pulls out all the stops to get the Romulans on his side of the war.

This episode cleverly avoids any accusations of being preachy via the captain’s log. The heart of this episode is watching Sisko pick apart his decisions to try and reconcile what’s right or wrong. In real life you never know at the time you make a decision. Until the consequences have played out you don’t know if you made the right call or wrong call.

I thought it was very cool that Betazed was invaded by the Dominion. It was a good choice of planet since we have briefly seen what Betazed looks like so we can visualize the interesting juxtaposition of Jem’Hadar soldiers walking through those flowery gardens.

In one scene Garak tells Sisko that all the spies he contacted on Cardassia were killed. Sisko’s reaction: somber, quiet, defeated, perfect. Have to give Avery Brooks some credit for the way he handles that moment. He seems to be giving up. He subconsciously knows that what he’s about to do will get him into trouble.

In the end, Sisko has made a mistake that has probably made his situation worse. But Garak’s final move is the one that makes it all ok. That could just have been a force of nature that made Sisko’s decisions righteous. This is an episode about luck yet luck only plays out the way it does because of the decisions Sisko made. This is really, really fascinating to watch.

They do a great job of keeping the story from being predictable. Sisko’s persistent fear that the Romulans would catch him in his deception made me think Vreenak would never figure it out. Then he did. It compounded the stakes. The worst fears as we saw them become a reality.

In the end, Sisko says he can live with it. Just like a real person. We expect our TV characters to stay the same year after year but in real life people change. As Sisko has throughout DS9.



A holosuite lounge singer coaches Odo in the ways of love.

I was dreading this episode; just not something I was in the mood for, but I liked a lot of it.

I liked how Bashir wanted to make this lounge the place where the senior staff hangs out.

I liked Worf wishing they were listening to Klington opera – it was annoying at first but then became kind of cute – like the time I went to the video store with my great-aunt and she only wanted to rent a movie starring Red Skelton.

I liked how Colm Meaney gets caught looking at the camera the first time he’s on screen but I guess no one noticed and they didn’t have a better take.

I liked Vic Fontaine and that he knew he was a hologram.

I liked the kiss at the end.


Prophets vs Pah-wraiths

1. Jake Sisko with red pupils looks like a real bad ass.

2. The battle at the end looks exactly the same as the final battle between Harry Potter and Voldemort.

3. The name “Kosst Amojan” looks stupid but it SOUNDS awesome.

4. I don’t understand the point of this episode at all. There was a battle that killed a demon spirit that was locked in a piece of rock for thousands of years and Sisko was destined to let him out but why couldn’t it just have been his destiny to leave him in there? Why did we have to watch this weird cycle?

5. Oh, I see. Jake now understands his father’s role as the Emissary – that was the point of this episode.

6. That’s kind of weak.

7. Oh, I see now again. The point was to make Odo understand Kira’s faith.

8. That’s less weak.

9. Kai Winn… I want to punch you in the Bajoran earring sometimes.


2.5 rank pips = Lieutenant Commander.
1.5 rank pips = Lieutenant junior grade.

You only have to watch one episode to figure this out. One!!! TOPS!!!!!

Nog says he is a “Lieutenant Commander” while we’re looking at a close up of him wearing 1.5 pips!

Ugh. They couldn’t find ONE MORE lying around? Steal one from an extra who isn’t in that particular shot? I am PRAYING that it just fell off, no one noticed during filming and this scene was too essential to the plot (which it’s not at all).

I think this episode was written by the old man from “Up” because whoever wrote this HATES kids. Jake is considered the voice of reason since his dad is somebody. I agree with everything Jake says but it seems like the point of this episode is to remind the audience that kids are impulsive, stupid, and wreckless. And of course that they think they’re immortal. Oh, and that living like an adult for a few months, with adult responsibilities will give you lethal headaches.

The Valiant is going into battle against a Jem’hadar ship that is TWO times the size of a Galaxy class vessel??!! Against a Defiant sized ship!!! That’s like a tank vs a toy tank.

Cool episode though.


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