Honor among Thieves, Change of Heart, Wrongs Darker than Death or Night, Inquisition


O’Brien goes undercover.

I’ll make this review simple…

As a TV show: B

As an episode of DS9: F

This is not sci-fi. There is no sci-fi twist; no sci-fi angle. This could have been an episode of almost any cop show. It had nothing to do with Star Trek or DS9 or science fiction. You could just change the setting to 1970 New Jersey and it would be the same story.


Worf is faced with tough choices while on a mission with his wife.

A good, organically constructed episode. I really enjoyed watching this playout; I was so immersed in what was happening I couldn’t critique the little problems. Dax and Worf felt like a real couple, arguing, lying, and loving each other as married couples do.

I don’t think it was necessary to show the defector being quite such a jerk at the start of the episode. I think they could have added something to the episode if they had him be a noble guy who is doing the right thing; he’s scared and he needs their help badly. As it was, the jerk angle makes it a bit predictable that he would die and seemed to be trying to excuse Worf’s actions when Worf would actually have done the same thing to the defector – no matter what his personality was. Seeing a nice guy die because of Worf’s decision to save Dax would have strengthened the story.

But, that’s a small problem. This remains a very good story. Yet another DS9 episode with real consequences. I love the moment where Sisko tells Worf that because of the choice he made he will probably never be offered his own command. We’ve watched Worf’s career for over a decade – that was a big deal.


Kira travels back in time (rather easily) to see if her mom was Dukat’s concubine.

The episode ends with Kira saying it doesn’t matter what she did, she was my mother. Duh.

Thiis episode was way too simple for it’s own good. A decent idea, but one that need to be more revelatory. It also should have happened sometime during season 1 or 2. This twist in the relationship between Kira and Dukat could have had some interesting consequences earlier on in the series and gave them a very interesting way to antagonize one another.


Bashir is accused of being a Dominion spy.

William Sadler rules. He wears a Starfleet uniform really well, too. He’s such a good actor; intense without ever overdoing it. I saw “Kinsey” ten years ago and his one scene in it still scares the hell out of me. At the same time I find him completely loveable in “The Shawshank Redemption”.

This episode was laid out extremely well – it could have been predictable but I never saw any of the twists coming. The pace stalls a bit once Bashir is thrown in prison but at the same time Bashir probably felt like his life was stalling in that section.

I saw one episode about Section 31 years ago. I had an idea in 2002 in the back of my head for Star Trek XI where it turns out that Jack Crusher had faked his death years earlier to join Section 31. He comes out of retirement only to find that Picard and Beverly are now married and it makes him lose his mind and he wants revenge and to destroy the Enterprise, etc. Riker, and the crew of the Titan would of course be involved. It could’ve worked.


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