You are Cordially Invited, Resurrection, Statistical Probabilities, The Magnificent Ferengi


Worf and Jadzia get hitched.

A damn fine episode. When it comes to light hearted Trek episodes – this is one of the best. It’s the kind of episode you could do late in the series’ run once we know all the characters as well as we do. I liked the bachelorette party. It felt like the kind of party Dax would throw.

My one and only complaint is that Martok’s wife vanishes after her fight with Jadzia. The reconcilliation all happens off screen. She was an interesting characte and would have liked to see some of her not being quite so one-note. I think she deserved a little moment to let us understand Klingon women a bit better.


Vedek Bareil from the Mirror universe comes to DS9.

I’m not crazy about this episode. For one thing, they just ignored Odo the whole time since the writers didn’t seem to know how to incorporate his love for Kira into yet another relationship of hers. The other problem I had was that Bareil died years ago and I felt like Kira had moved on from it – having her hook up with Bareil again didn’t particularly feel true or even fair to her character.


Bashir becomes a life coach for other, less perfect, gentically engineered people.

This episode is awesome. It shows how much the Bashir character has improved thanks to the addition of this genetic engineering history.

I, like Sisko, wouldn’t have agreed with Bashir’s suggestion that the Federation surrender to prevent the immense casualty forecasts. However, it makes sense that Bashir made the recommendation. Even in this idealistic future, people still have egos. If I was Data or a Vulcan I might very well have come to the conclusion that this war was unwinnable as well.

Something DS9 should have added (not necessarily in this episode but anywhere) is a comparison between the Dominion war and the Klingon war or the Cardassian war or Romulan, etc; from the perspective of casualties or the opponent’s strength. It would be cool to hear Gowron confide to Sisko that he knows, without question, that the war is unwinnable – he just wants to die in war. That would be a crushing thing to hear before a battle.


Quark and a bunch of his bros go to rescue his mother from the Dominion.

I have nothing intelligent or useful to say about this episode but I sure as hell enjoyed watching it. Iggy Pop? Okay!


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