Sons and Daughters, Behind the Lines, Favor the Bold, Sacrifice of Angels


Worf and Alexander are reunited.

I really like this guy who is playing Alexander. I completely believe him as the kid we watched grow up (a bit) on The Next Generation.

Klingon aging has been insanely manipulated by Star Trek writers for ten years in order to make better use of Alexander – he’s nine years old now but looks 18 and is being played by a guy in his mid twenties and is old enough to serve on a starship. Back on TNG when he was less than two years old he looked 5 at least. But you know what, I can totally believe that in Klingon physiology the children age fast so they aren’t in danger of being killed by predators or even other Klingons. So, let’s just say they age at 2x the human rate.

As for this Zial, Kira, Dukat triangle thing. Menh. The Alpha quadrant is at war and we’re supposed to really care about Zial’s hurt feelings when Kira doesn’t show up at her art show? Seriously? For that to really HIT us, they needed to develop Zial more and had this episode really focus on her life, not done it from Kira’s POV.


Odo and the female Founder start getting busy.

So I neglected to write down my thoughts on this episode right away. That was a mistake. I remember Sisko being told Dax would command the Defiant mission. I also remember a scene with Odo and the female Founder sitting on a bed post-coitus – though that scene may have been in the next episode. That’s the one problem with these serialized storylines; a lot of episodes can blend together. LOST used to do that amazingly well during it’s first couple of seasons (thanks to the flashbacks) – each episode pushed the larger story forward while telling a self-contained story. These last four DS9 episodes have been compelling but hard to discern individual stories with beginnings and ends within each hour.


Sisko decides it’s time to retake DS9.

I love the title, “Favor the Bold”. Such a great quote and I like it when TV shows use HALF of an expression as an episode title.

The space battle in here is spectacular. The Klingon intervention a-la Millenium Falcon was predictable but nonetheless fun to watch.

I’d love to know which Starfleet officers gets stuck flying those Maquis raider ships in these big battles. I’m sure they’re super maneuverable but ONE PHASER BLAST or even just a stiff breeze seems to make them blow up.

This is the only time I think I can see myself letting a deus ex machina slide. It works well here and it makes sense. The Prophets are established characters with a personal interest in what happens on DS9. Their interfering and destruction of a the Dominion ships makes sense somehow so I don’t mind that it happened and surprisingly it doesn’t feel anti-climactic.


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