In the Cards, Call to Arms, A Time to Stand, Rocks and Schoals


Jake and Nog search for an old baseball card in the hopes of chearing up Captain Sisko.

I wasn’t happy seeing serious villains like Weyoun and the Jem’Hadar in such a comedic episode. And yet it worked. It was a nice touch that Jake and Nog only set out to help Captain Sisko but it transferred to the whole senior staff.


Sisko decides to mine the entrance to the wormhole.

A near perfect DS9 episode.

The main story focuses on the Dominion while smaller stories about life on the station go on – which all DIRECTLY tie into the main plot.

Jake is becoming a journalist – leading to his decision to NOT abandon the station. Glad to see they finally have a decent arc for his character.

I really like the Rom story here. Not just him worrying about his wedding but also him looking after Quark and the bar. That was probably the most I’ve ever understood Ferengi family. Both my wife and I got choked up when Quark kissed Rom on the back of his head.

Last scene – the baseball. Perfect. It takes a really good writer to end a grand season finale with such a small moment. A great F U to Dukat from Sisko and I love that Dukat knew it was an F U and it robbed him of his victory! A perfectly concluded episode AND season. A+


The crew go to destroy a Ketracel white production facility.

Everyone behind the scenes at DS9 is treating the whole Federation like they used to treat the station – like a real place with many moving parts. Small characters like Rom and Weyoun, so perfectly written and executed make everything feel so intricate.

There a great moment where we see some truth behind Cardassia joining the Dominion. The Cardassians didn’t want to do it but they knew it was the smart move. It adds some personality to the Cardassian species. Though the Vulcans are known for logic, they are also very moral. The Cardassians let logic trump their morals but they have no concept of how egotistical they are.

I wonder if this was the Dominion’s plan all along? Weaken Cardassia with a war against the Klingons because Cardassia would then be the first to join the Dominion with its tail between its legs. After the failed raid by the Tal-shiar and the Obsidian order – it would make sense. I think the Founders knew that the first step was to bring the Cardassians into their fold – their sector in indeed close to Bajor.

This episode is pure action and fun. No time wasted on sci-fi ideas or themes or whatever else. It’s just plain fun space action. I can’t say it’s incredibly memorable but it’s unquestionably entertaining and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.


The crew crash land and go head to head with some stranded Jem’hadar.

This episode feels WAY too familiar. I can barely separate it in my memory from the episode from one year ago, “The Ship”.

I was indeed entertained and I’m enjoying this multi-episode arc about the crew living and fighting off of DS9 but as I said – this one’s far from memorable.


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