The Ascent, Rapture, The Darkness and the Light, The Begotten


Odo and Quark climb a mountain.

Kind of feel like this episode should have come much earlier. We’re well into season 5 and if they wanted Odo and Quark to bond it should have happened already. If they wanted this twist in their relationship to happen so late they should have had the previous relationship be a lot more contentious but it was too often used for humour.

Although I’ve always enjoyed seeing these two play off each other I’ve never taken it very seriously. Odo constantly catches quark and the punisent only lasts the amount of time before the next episode. Its not like we’re watching Elliot Ness take on Capone. Odo has frequently had to put trust in Quark. While this time it’s more life and death I think the previous few episodes could have shown this Orion syndicate investigation. They’re making a serial now and they could serialize the relationships just as much as the Dominion war


Sisko gets… I dunno… not crazy… but something along those lines.

New uniforms! So I know this came out when First Contact did. I should have been a detective. Not sure why but I love these uniforms. Even though the shoulders kind of look like carpet samples.

Long story short, Bajor doesn’t join the federation. Honestly, I kind of thought they already had. But anyway, that is a big deal that they decided not to join so they really better follow through on why that’s a good thing for Bajor. That’s a big moment.

After Sisko barged in on that meeting… if I was his boss… I would have fired him and told him to stay on DS9 as a civilian… Emissary or not.


Someone is killing Kira’s old war buddies.

I don’t have much to say about this episode but I loved watching it. I was so enthralled I honestly didn’t even have time to think about anything but who the killer was. I was certain it was Kira’s tubby friend but I was wrong. It even seems like they were tricking me into thinking it was him by having his death off screen.

I loved the killer’s motive. That’s saying a lot. Usually the end of these kinds of episodes are disappointing. Very clever that the most important clue was that no one else was killed in these bombings except for the primary target.


Odo finds a baby Changelling.

The end makes NO sense to me at all. The baby Changelling integrates itself into Odo, thus making him a Changelling again? Really!!! I’ll just let it go but that’s pretty nuts.

Other than that, I enjoyed watching Odo and his surrogate Dad each come to realize the mistakes in their earlier relationship. The subtext was anything but subtle yet nonetheless interesting to watch.


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