For the Uniform, In Purgatory’s Shadow, By Inferno’s Light, Doctor Bashir I presume


Sisko goes after Eddington again.

Not sure how I feel about this new hologram communication device. It’s interesting. I wonder why they did it? It is VERY Star Wars – esque. I like how it looks but at the same time it also looks cheap.

Anyway, Sisko… you are crazy sometimes. This episode is a good example of how they use it to help the story move forward though. The “Les Miserables” parallel is interesting because they keep it part of the plot throughout the episode.


Garak and Worf go looking for survivors of the failed raid on the Founders.

I have one HUGE problem. Part of the tension in this episode is whether the distress call that Garak received is from the real Tain or is it a trap by the Founders.

But the MOTHER-%&$*#@ opening credits say that Tain is in the episode!!!

Anyway, I noticed a nice bit of foreshadowing – Garak tells Sisko that they may ALSO find missing Starfleet people.

The Bashir twist is very very cool. However, why does Evil Bashir insist on telling Sisko about Garak’s plan at the start? Is he totally trying to preserve his cover? If that were the case wouldn’t he just let Garak leave on his own? But he knew what the message was since he is a Changeling so why did he surprise Garak on the runabout in the first place!!?!??

What was evil Bashir’s plan? I’m getting dizzy just thinking about it. I’m going to assume that it all makes sense.

One last question, since when do Star Trek characters say, “Then God help us all”???


Bashir is selected to by the model for the new Emergency Medical Hologram.

I’m shocked (impressed) this episode comes right after Bashir got out of his internment camp. I hate the term “game changer” but this episode is a GAME CHANGER. This is an awesome story. Told meticulously. I loved watching it. It has severe consequences on both Bashir and all of Trek alike.

I’m being kind of vague so I’ll just say it’s revealed here that Bashir was genetically engineered. The moment where we find out, when his parents let it slip while talking to a hologram which they think is Julian, is brilliant. Such a clever way of doing it and it fits perfectly within the broader part of the story. It’s heartbreaking when Bashir’s mother explains why they decided they did it.



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