The Assignment, Trials and Tribble-ations, Let he who is without sin, Things Past


Keiko is taken over by a Pah-wraith… pah’wraith… demon.

Similar to the last episode.

This felt a lot more like a season 5 or 6 episode of The Next Generation to me.



The legendary episode of DS9.

Here’s the thing: on the surface this is just a fun episode. Kind of like the summer movie blockbuster Trek episode. It’s the best of the best within these kinds of Trek episodes. It was a brilliant idea for the 30th anniversary episode. The special FX are top notch. As I said though, the content is a bit shallow, not a lot to think about.


I actually noticed some interesting things about humanity thanks to this FX driven episode.

Since some scenes are newly shot and some are old footage from the 60s there is a fun game to play trying to figure out what’s new and what’s old. In a way it’s actually kind of easy. I don’t say that just on account of the graininess of the older footage but rather the way people move. Early on there was a girl walking towards the camera and I immediately knew she was modern. She swaggered as she walked. She didn’t move like a 1960’s lady would. She wasn’t a cookie cutter woman trying to impress men. It was interesting to see that change.

My wife guessed the waitresses was from the 90s. Her reason being that the girl’s prominent cleavage showed very clear signs of a boob-job. A modern boob-job.


A strange episode about a vacation on Risa.

The first scene – I love Sisko’s reactions. It actually tells a lot about his character the way he is interested and yet holds himself back when he clearly wants to dig deeper with more pruning questions about Dax and Worf’s sex life.

I think they should do more with the complexities of Trill relationships. For anyone dating someone (in the real world) it’s never easy dealing with your partners exes. There’s always a bit of jealousy. But dating a Trill? Holy crap would that be hard! If you believed in soul mates – how could you know you’re the soul mate. Your Trill partner will outlive you even if you died while holding hands and they will have more and more relationships. And meeting one of their exes would be hard. Maybe their relationship never ended. Maybe one of them died. Imagine how much love would still exist between those two. I feel like I understand that episode “Rejoined” better and why it focused so much on the Trill culture’s insistence that you stay away from exes from past lives.

I liked the total change of setting and focus on a limited number of characters. Although, when I think about it, DS9 does that all the time. TNG rarely did and Voyager virutally never did. Yet this episode felt fairly different from most DS9. I supposed that is because of the change of tone as well – which makes me realize this is a very needed change of pace. Most often when we completely leave the station it’s about 2 characters stuck in a life of death situation. This has none of that, it’s just about getting to know these characters better.

When the puritan plotline began I was rather worried. It just felt cheesy – a little too “on the nose”. It was like someone who didn’t like Trek was having to write it. Anyway, it worked out well. I felt like I got to know the people of the Federation a little bit better and their various dynamics. But most importantly this plotline really allowed a lot of insight into Worf. Typically it would have seemed false for Worf to suddenly align himself with the villains but it makes sense here – Worf is just acting out of account of Jadzia’s differing opinion of what their relationship should be. I really felt we got to know him a bit more and the story maintained a sci-fi edge to it so all in all I enjoyed watching it.


The minds of Odo and other are sent back in time to the days of Terok Nor.

I got confused and thought that Odo had posed as the other Security Chief for years before getting his job. Seems like that would have been a good twist. He is a shape-shifter after all. Might as well use it.

Bashir’s “scientific” explanation for why all this happened made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Once in a while Trek should have the guts to just say, we don’t know why this happened, but it did, and it was plausible. Good enough.


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