Apocalypse Rising, The Ship, Looking for Par’mach in all the wrong places, Nor the Battle to the Strong


Sisko and co. go on a suicide mission to expose Gowron as a Changelling.

I would have liked this episode way less were if not for the all night Klingon drinking party. This section of the story (which is more than half of it) is a LOT more tense because we never leave this room. It’s a technique that really works well in the German pub in “Inglourious Baterds”. The crew is forced to wait in their disguises until Gowron finally walks in as would some spoiled rock star three hours late.

There’s a great moment where Sisko knocks out a Klingon who is bragging about having killed a friend of his. That was a nice little moment and I was taken aback when that Klingon told the story of beheading the Starfleet helmsman. Brutal… but visceral… which Star Trek really could use a little more often.

I sometimes feel like Star Trek has never really done an adequate job of showing what a real battle or war against Klingons would be like. With the exception of Star Trek III, I don’t feel like we’ve ever had a chance to see the Klingons really being brutal. Based on the first five seconds of Kill Bill, we know that Quentin Tarantino is somewhat of a Star Trek fan. I think they should make an R-rated standlone movie about the war against the Klingons and let Tarantino direct it. After that, just put the characters to rest.

Solid twist ending but this event should really have put an end to the Klingon War – seems like the writers are treading water.


Sisko and the gang engage in a standoff against the Jem’hadar over an unknown prize.

I’m always willing to suspend some disbelief but that crashed ship looked nothing like a Jem’hadar ship. Just a coat of purple paint would have helped.

A nice touch on DS9 is that many actors reprise their roles as junior crew members. When Muniz died it actually meant something because I’d seen him before. I’m glad DS9 has distanced itself a bit from the Red Shirt cannon fodder.

I felt kind of foolish for not realizing the hidden item was a founder the whole time. Nice twist.


Cyrano de Bajorac starring Worf and Quark.

Wow. This Kira / O’Brien story is weird. Gutsy. It’s creepy to watch him give her massages but I believe it. I’m totally glad they did it. It’s just not the kind of thing you see on a lot of TV shows. Admirable writing for being so honest.

I kind of wanted the end of this episode to be Bashir giving a seminar on safe Klingon sex.


Jake tries to be a reporter.

Reminded me of MASH the whole time. It’s an okay episode. Nothing to write home about.


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