The Quickening, Body Parts, Broken Link


Bashir goes to try and cure some disease.

They badly need to figure out what to do with Bashir’s character. This is painful to watch… downright boring. He is a doctor and nothing else. The writers have no idea how to make an interesting chracter out of him.


Quark thinks he’s dying and O’Brien’s baby is from Keiko’s womb untimely ripped.

I really didn’t like Quark’s dream in the divine treasury but the next one was good. Quark’s realization that his life is worth something that can’t be “accounted” for would have sounded cheesy on paper but now that we have known Quark for five years it really worked and even felt a little sad to watch. We know Quark and that going broken really is ALMOST the worst thing that could happen to him. The final scene as the crew restocks the bar with (literal) generosity is almost a tear jerker.

Concerning the baby switch to Kira’s womb, I think it would have been cool to see the accident on the Runabout and how Bashir came to the conclusion about what to do with the fetus. Plus, many times Bashir’s problem solving is a lot of techno babble so that would have been a good opportunity to see a solution that would make sense to the layman. Would also have been nice to see Kira agreeing to it, not realizing what she was getting herself into as we see in the rest of the episode. All that aside, this is probably the most brilliant use of an actresses pregnancy. It really is respectful of the writers to not just integrate the pregnancy into Kira, who in no way seems like someone eager to have a child. Mad props!


Odo is sick so he goes to see his people for help.

The writers knew where they were going with this storyline but it wasn’t a very exciting journey. There is an awful lot of waiting around for a season finale.

The twist ending was good but I think Gowron needed to be a bigger part of the story and we needed to know how bad the Klingon war was getting for it to really have had an effect on me.

Garak’s plot is fairly weak too. His exchange with the Founder needed more impact. If she had said there were hundreds of survivors but they’ve all been executed I would have felt more. The episode could have had more of an exciting final act if Garak had nearly succeeded with his attack on the Founders, requiring an urgent flee from Dominion space.

When Worf and Garak are fighting Word accidentally breaks the prop Jeffries tube door. You can see a wooden bench behind it. Kinda funny.

I hope the Founders let Odo have a penis when they made him a solid.


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