The Muse, For the Cause, To the Death


Lwaxana’s got a bun in the oven while Jake finds himself the victim of a parasitic muse.

At one point in the episode Lwaxana’s husband calls her Laxwana? LAXwana??? Jesus. Maybe one more take would have been a good idea. Roughly at the 24 minute mark in case you want to check it out.

In the end Lwaxana gets rid of the guy so she can have this child and it will never know or see its father? Really? This is Troi’s final Trek appearance. Pretty offensive. It just make Lwaxana seem at her worst ever. She knew who this guy was and what his culture was like when she got together with him. Way to get your kid off on the wrong foot!

The Jake storyline is interesting enough. So this isn’t a terrible episode, it kept my interest (Odo and Lwaxana have terrific chemistry as actors) but the Troi story was really rather offensive.


Sisko’s girlfriend is cheating on him… with the Maquis.

This is just a good episode. Another great example of how DS9 allows the show to evolve. By letting Kassidy go to prison they open up new storylines. Most shows assume that a big move like that will make the show more difficult.

The twist with Eddington is brilliant and I really like how the Maquis relates to the Dominion by way of the Federation without actually interacting with the Dominion. It’s a great dynamic.


Sisko team up with some Jem’hadar to kill other Jem’hadar.

My favorite thing about this episode is the “return” of the Iconians. The first couple of seasons of The Next Generation didn’t have a lot of outstanding episodes but Contagion was definitely one of them. It’s one of those episodes that perfectly blends action and ideas, often Star Trek tends to pick one or the other.

Anyway, the highlight of this episode is the angry tension between the Starfleet crew and the Jem’hadar. No one wants to work together and it makes them hate each other even more because they have to. It was exciting just sitting and waiting for everybody to start fighting. I loved how Worf and his “opponent” kept stepping out of line and how differently their commanding officers treated them.

One other great character trait of the Jem’hadar is that they’re like well trained dogs off-leash at a busy park. They are obedient but sometimes they can’t help themselves and they misbehave. But the SECOND they’ve done it they know they’ve been bad and submit themselves to discipline. It’s interesting to watch.


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