Accession, Rules of Engagement, Hard Time, Shattered Mirror


Another dude claims to be The Emissary.

I was bored for the first 5 mins of this episode but it really took off. I found the end, where the other Emissary just plain vanishes, rather anticlimactic but I suppose that’s my own fault. I was anticipating some violent confrontation. The other Emissary wasn’t evil – he was just out of date. His ideas belong in the past. Similarly, while we may sometimes think ill of our racist and sexist ancestors, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. I like the subtlety of this episode. Nicely done.

One thing I love about DS9 is that they rarely show what Bashir and O’Brien are doing on the holosuite. Instead we witness it all in post-mortems. It’s a nice touch.


Worf is accused of killing innocent civilians.

Quote (shouted) from Captain Sisko…
“You can’t put a man’s heart on trial!”
Boy, that gave me a laugh.

At the end they find out that the people Worf supposedly killed had already died months earlier; he was framed. So what was the point of analyzing his state of mind?
I would have liked to see the twist that he was framed halfway through the story and then had the judge deem it only marginally relevant. Instead the trial would be to decide whether Worf’s motive made him guilty. The angle of Worf’s culture versus his heritage is interesting, in particularly, which one matters most to him? Which one governs his instincts? That would have been more compelling.


Instead of going to prison, O’Brien gets a memory implant of time served in prison.

This episode started way too fast; it should have began showing Miles O’Brien living his normal life: talking to Molly and Keiko, doing his job and THEN we see him get arrested and receiving his sentence. Then WHAM – he’s out of prison, no time has passed for others but he’s almost instantly messed up. Then the second half of the episode contains momentary flashbacks to his time that he served in prison. I feel that would have more effectively shown how distressing the situation was for him.

My other point being O’Brien’s life needed some context. The writers just kind of assume the audience has seen DS9 before and knows what O’Brien’s life is like. They needed to focus more on certain elements of his life by showing them before and after the trauma. When O’Brien is first returning to DS9 he says how beautiful the station is. That would have been a nice moment if O’Brien had been looked upon DS9 just before his incarceration and was bored by this everyday sight.

I think it would have been a neat twist if Bashir figured out how to dump the memories but O’Brien wanted to keep them – choosing to learn from his own mistakes than risk making them again.

I was expecting for the story on DS9 to be part of the simulation. I think that would have been a pretty cool punishment. Don’t just punish the criminal by giving them memories of being in prison, punish them by showing them how hard their life would become after prison and all the things they lose because of it. Anyway, that’s MY thought. What they did, they did fairly well. Though the ending felt a little simplistic – a quick heart to heart with Bashir and O’Brien is all better.


More mirror universe stuff. This one’s pretty forgettable.

As I said before, these episodes need to push the envelope further. The concept is ridiculous and requires huge suspension of disbelief so they should just be more sensational. Kind of how the Fast and the Furious franchise eventually decided, no one takes us seriously, let’s just have fun. More violence, more sex. Let these episodes be the outlet for what people desperately want to see now and then – then the rest of the episodes can be more about ideas.


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