The Sword of Kahless, Our Man Bashir, Homefront, Paradise Lost


Worf, Dax and some old Klingon go searching for a Klingon artefact.

If you’re going to do an episode about people being driven mad by the thirst for power and glory, make sure the WHOLE story is devoted to that. They couldn’t decide if this was an Indiana Jones style tomb raid or a pair of Klingons losing their sanity so it really did neither well. Failure.


“Have we done any episodes that focus on Bashir lately?”
“Have one on my desk by noon.”

One thing I gotta say, this episode reminds me of the first Austin Powers movie more than any Bond movie – keeping in mind this came out BEFORE Austin Powers.


Changellings make it to earth and start messing things up.

I really like Sisko’s dad. I still vividly remember him from “To Kill a Mockingbird”. He is different from Benjamin and yet feels believable as his father, I can see parts of him in Sisko’s enthusiasm at times.

Earth on Star Trek always seems so weird to me. It’s so bright. I don’t know if that’s a complaint or not.

I wasn’t really shocked by where the story went. It turns out this is part of a coup by Sisko’s old boss to wrest control of Federation security from it’s bleeding heart of a president. It makes sense that this would happen, but I really feel like this should have been played out more carefully. I haven’t seen much evidence that people throughout Starfleet would be this scared of the Dominion already. Plus the moment where a Changelling poses as the Admiral is pointless and contrived. It advances the story and makes everyone scared, but it makes no sense that the Founders would do this. They accomplish nothing. This scene is just there to add some tension. The Founders fail by making Starfleet act more cautious when they should be trying to make them more relaxed. It’s silly.


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