Crossfire, Return to Grace, Sons of Mogh, Bar Association


Odo watches as Kira falls for another man.

All TV shows take note… this is how you do a heartbreaking episode.
The only NOTE I would have added is that I think they should have forced Odo to escort Shakaar and Kira back to his place; make Odo watch as the date concluded for the evening by Kira and Shakaar entering her quarters.

Mind you, I kind of liked the way they did it, Odo relieving one of the security guards of duty so he could stay and see how long Shakaar and Kira were together. But I would have just added that to me above idea – have the security guard show up for duty and Odo tells him to take some time off – Odo wioll take the shift. Show Odo’s masochistic side. I think it adds something to him wrestling with the choice between the life of a solid and the life of a founder to suffer this “loss”.


More Dukat and Kira stuff.

While I’m glad they scaled back on Kira’s hate and distrust of Cardassians sometimes it feels like a little bit too much. I’m all for moving on but she seems a little too at ease working with Dukat sometimes.

Last time we saw Dukat he was losing his family and his career. We didn’t really see him live with those consequences. By the end of this episode he’s got everything back. I don’t quite get the point of all the loss unless they were going to run with it for a while.

But the dude is resilient. I’ll give him that.


Kurn asks Worf to kill him and spare him a life of disgrace.

I really like this story. It’s a good example of how DS9 isn’t afraid to make decisions with consequences for the characters. When Gowron forced Worf to decide between the Federation and the Klingons in “The Way of the Warrior” we thought only about Worf. We considered how Worf had faced dishonour before due to Duras’ lies. At the time I didn’t think about Kurn. That would really be devastating for Kurn – Worf makes a decision that completely dictates the rest of his brother’s life. An awful situation. I think Tony Todd (Kurn) handles it really well. He’s angry at Worf but not to the point of hating him, he just holds some resentment.

I expected the story to be predictable but it never was. I thought the whole story would be Worf deciding whether or not to assist Kurn’s suicide. Then I expected Kurn to be a violent disaster as a Bajoran security officer, I was wrong again. The end is great, it allows some closure for the character of Kurn.

The only thing that I think might have been interesting would be if we didn’t know what was being done to Kurn at the end. I think that the audience could have put that together on their own if we just saw Dax say she had an idea and then we cut to Kurn waking up in sick bay with different forehead ridges and amnesia. With just a little bit of foreshadowing about mind-erasing via Bashir that would have worked. I think the moment where Kurn doesn’t recognize Worf would have been just an extra heartbreaking if we weren’t waiting for it.


Rom unionizes the bar.

These Ferengi episodes are popping up like clockwork now. This is one of the weaker ones.


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