The Way of the Warrior, The Visitor, Hippocratic Oath



The new opening credits are outstanding. The station is a living entity at last. And the rest of this episode echoes that improvement.

I definitely like Sisko’s look more now: shaved head + goatee. It’s risky tough; a shaved head on a good body makes you look extra fit. If you put on just a few pounds though the shaved head can make a guy suddenly look tubby. Thankfully, the Starfleet uniform is the single most slimming outfits ever devised by mankind.

Nice to see Julian and Dax getting promotions, but I kind of like it when we see WHY characters are promoted. I think Sisko proved himself on DS9 over the past few years to earn his Captain pip so that was clear. It would be nice to know what Bashir did other than putting in his time. It actually always bothered me that Bashir was a Lieutenant (j.g.) and yet CHIEF medical officer. I think it would have really added something if they said he was the only JG chief medical officer in Starfleet, which would at first sound like a compliment, until someone adds he took an assignment no one else wanted. But I digress…

I just noticed that the prop bottles of blood wine are motor oil containers – that it AWESOME.

This is some top notch writing for Worf. Too often he is merely used as a warmonger in conversations so that Picard’s course of action looks to have been the diplomatic route. There’s a great YouTube video that compiles all of Worf’s ideas being shut down. Even though this is a Worf centred story everyone in the cast has something to do. I wish the people who wrote the TNG movies had this ability to integrate multiple characters into a single story. Each of the crew participates in a way that only they can. Odo has been spying on Worf and has thusly deduced that Worf has learned crucial information. Dax is a Klingon at heart and gives sage advice to Worf. Even Kira, while doing something she hates (trying to relax) contributes a lot to the tone of the story.

I will be surprised if DS9 ever does another episode this well.


Sisko is taken to another universe (or something) and Jake spends the rest of his life trying to get him back.

I have a soft spot for any Trek episode that lets us see the future of the future.

Now I know for a fact that about a year from now ALL of Starfleet switches to the gray shouldered uniform. However, Nog is wearing an old TNG style uniform in this alternate future. So it appears that one of the things that Sisko affects by being around are the uniform choices made by Starfleet. But how? And why? Maybe Sisko is on the committee of Starfeleet Captains who gets to test out new uniforms and he approves the gray ones? Intriguing.

Well, let’s be a bit more reaonable. Sisko, in the universe where he is alive, helps negotiate peace with the Klingons which brings about an alliance to bring down the Dominion. Thus Sisko does (more or less) cause a war. So, perhaps these gray topped Starfleet uniforms are war based? Does Starfleet dish out new uniforms when a war starts to help improve morale? Maybe the gray uniforms actually have some kind of a war-based purpose?

I’m PROBABLY over thinking this.

I like these “All good things” uniforms from the 25th century because of the fact that I DON’T like them. I wouldn’t personally choose them as a piece of clothing but I BELIEVE that they would be a style at some point in the future. They make sense because they make no sense.


Bashir tries to cure the Jem’hadar of their addiction to Ketracel white.

It’s almost a predictable story – not the direction is takes but more just the fact that it was made at all. What makes this story work and gives it a bit of life is the insight into the Jem’hadar power structure. I like the “First” and how he cares about his men in an oblique way. He wants to make their lives better based on his own values but he has to be fairly cruel to get them there. It’s a great ending where he sets off to kill them and put them out of their misery.


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