Facets, The Adversary


The crew let’s themselves be possessed by the previous Dax hosts and allow Jadzia to meet them.

Basically, this episode is an acting exercise. I would actually say that Sidig is the standout. He only gets a handful of lines but he nails them and really creates a person. I can see why he’s had a decent post Trek career. I thought he was amazing in Syriana.

I am definitely looking forward to Avery Brooks as a murderer. Here it comes… Don’t disappoint… Please… The eyes… Damn, creep eyes. The lighting is selling it. It brings out the black in Brooks’ eyes.

Kind of a weird story all in all but it kept my interest. They have made Dax into a very real woman. When the show began she was a little bit innocuous and not full of any real personality – felt like her job was to just stand there and be pretty sometimes. She has come a long way and subtly developed into a real character without the need to be flashy. She reminds me of a lot of the over achieving girls I went to school with who were very insecure deep down and this episode brings that to light.


A Changeling stowaway tries to force the Defiant to start a war.

I like how DS9 has paved its own way with season finales. TNG found it’s footing with cliffhangers but by the end of the series those cliffhangers seemed to be dictating where the story would go. For instance, in Descent, I think they came up with the cliffhanger (Lore’s reveal) and then wrote a story around it.

DS9 has decided to just make good, exciting episodes for the season finales. They end on an ominous note that foreshadows what’s to come next season and so far they’ve done a good job of following through on those hints.

There is, however, one real flaw in this story. Once the crew realizes they have a Changeling on board they begin systemically sweeping the ship with phasers to try and catch him. A good quarter of the story is devoted to this and several crew members are incapacitated in the process. THEN Odo realizes that if they just take some blood from every crew member they will be able to reveal who the Changelling is. It’s rather annoying that if Odo had realized that fifteen minutes ago we could have saved a lot of trouble. So it seems the story was just treading water to fill in some time.

I really like the TNG episode “The Wounded” where the Cardassians were first introduced. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that we had never heard of this war or species until then even though it apparently took place only about five years earlier. The Federation-Tzenkethi war that is introduced here gets on my nerves as well. What bothers me is that Sisko really plays it up and acts like it was a horrific war, even though no one has ever mentioned it before.

Nevertheless, as I said, good episode.


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