Explorers, Family Business, Shakaar


Sisko rebuilds an ancient Bajoran space craft.

THIS is what every stand-alone Star Trek episode should be…

It builds a character.
-We learn of Sisko’s scientific interests as well as his respect for Bajoran culture.

It allows that character to develop a stronger relationship with another character.
-Jake and Sisko get some NON-forced story time together.

It is interesting from a scientific perspective while also being accessible to mainstream audiences.
-Solar sails are a real possibility and it’s cool seeing Star Trek connect to the real world like that.

It has a twist ending.
-The great thing about Sisko making it all the way to Cardassia is that the Cardassians knew it all along but kept it a secret – such a dick move.

It has a good subplot with a beginning, middle, and end.
-Bashir finding out that the woman who bested him in school is jealous of his career. Great moment for him and an nice life lesson for the audience.


Quark’s mom is stepping out of line.

You know someone should really send a DVD of all the Ferengi related Deep Space 9 episodes to the Republican Party and tell them that even the Ferengi have a regulatory body that oversees business.

Even… The… Ferengi.

The Ferengi won’t let women have jobs, speak, travel, dress or earn money – but EVEN THE FERENGI have enough common sense to realize that a free market cannot be allowed to govern itself under the simplistic code of capitalism. Seriously Republicans, look whose side you’re on here!

If I could have only one Star Trek prop it would be one of those latinum depositories that the Ferengi have in their homes. I would keep it just inside my front door.

Now that I’m really staring at this Ferengi house – I think Peter Jackson ripped off the set design when he built Bilbo’s Hobbit hole.


Kira is told to ell a farmer how to farm. EXCITEMENT, SHE WROTE.

I am 25% done this episode as we close act 1 – and the thing has been entirely dialogue – except for the dart game that is. I can’t stay awake. No! Wait! Kira just picked up some dirt and let it fall out if her hand! An action scene!

And… we’re back to the darts. You’re killing me DS9.

Okay, now we’re a third of the way into the story and the plot is still only about Kira’s mission to retrieve farming equipment. I’m not even exaggerating. I wish the story was more interesting so there was something to exaggerate.

I’m expecting a big twist soon – they’re using farm equipment to build puppy killing machines or something. Anything… Please!!! If you’re going to do a slow-burn story it has to be compelling for some reason while we wait.

Crossing the halfway mark – Kira recommends a meeting between Shakaar and Winn. Oh good, I was really hoping for more talking.

At least there is some weird sexual tension between Kira and Shakaar. He looks like he could be her grandfather. Kira’s age is a bit of an anomaly – she’s probably supposed to be almost 40 but she looks great for her age. I remember seeing Nana Visitor play a love interest for Richard Mulligan on “Empty Nest” several years before this. Wait, what was I talking about?

Punch… Elbow… Hammer punch… THANK GOD! Kira is standing up to Winn. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Back to the dart game. O’Brien is playing a Vulcan Lieutenant Commander in a blue uniform. I wonder if he’s a scientist or a doctor? He doesn’t seem to care about O’Brien’s injury – must be a science officer.

Sisko meets with Winn. Two weeks have passed? She’s declared martial law?? The rebellion is spreading??? I’m okay with these developments but they’re coming out of nowhere. It’s interesting as a development of how dangerous Winn is but this should have been setup over several episodes. Or they could have written this ep as a long saga – but this is terrible. An absolute mess… and yet it has some surprisingly good music during the climactic action scene.


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