Through the Looking Glass, Improbable Cause, The Die is Cast


Back to the mirror-mirror universe.

Right off the bat let me say something. I always HATE human clothing on Star Trek. I love Starfleet uniforms but every single other piece of clothing is looks like my dog ate some crayola’s and puked on a haberdasherers sketch pad. BUT, I like Smiley’s outfit. Maybe too much denim but I can see someone picking it out.

There’s a little too much talking at the start of this story but at least it builds to Sisko finding out he will get a chance to see Jennifer again. It pays off because the tone change from all that dialogue to Sisko’s sudden sincerity is a nice dichotomy.

Something I don’t get… Sisko and Smiley are inside Smiley’s ship and take a lengthy turbolift ride during a conversation. But looking at this ship from the outside there are no more than a couple of decks.

Dax’s hair is so much better in this universe. Why must so many female characters on Star Trek pull their hair back into such innocuous buns? So Sisko and Dax “load the torpedo bay” together. Wow. I’m glad they had the guts to make Sisko a real human being.

Anyway, my only problem with these episodes is that they don’t go ALL OUT. Obviously this isn’t a scientifically accurate mirror universe. It’s absolutely ridiculous to assume that all the major players from regular DS9 are all so intertwined in the other universe. It’s ridiculous that they even EXIST in both universe’s. So, I’m okay with that – I accept that. These episodes are good, or at least designed to be good, on a sheer FUN level. So I wish they wouldn’t spend so much time on exposition. Just show us the scenes with the sex and the deception and the executions and the action. Skip the rest. Too much talky talky.


I’m just going to review these as a pair. And WHAT A PAIR! Someone tries to murder Garak and Odo’s investigation leads him to a secret military alliance by the Cardassians and the Romulans.

Right away, let me say THANK YOU to everyone involved for not putting “Part 1” in this episode title of Improbable Cause. The story is so much better because it seems as though the story is wrapping up during the last five minute of Improbable Cause but then the story twists off into an awesome second part.

I can’t even say much to review this two parter because it’s so well done, so INCREDIBLY well done that it all feels organic. You don’t even notice WHY it’s so good as you’re watching it, you just know it is. There are small things like when Odo is meeting with his Cardassian contact who insists on not being seen. It’s beautifully photographed and the set really adds mystery to the atmosphere.

Tain’s speech as his armada is getting whiped out is fantastic; such great delivery. I’m glad DS9 has been developping the Dominion through grand gestures rather than lots and lots of small ones. It’s a smart move as a terrorist or evil empire – let people relax and think things are okay before you strike and shake them to their core – then start the cycle again.

It’s cool seeing Leland Orser because he was just starting to establish himself in movies. It was only a few months after this that Se7en came out.


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