Destiny, Prophet Motive, Visionary, Distant Voices


An ancient Bajoran prophecy predicts that current events will cause the wormhole’s destruction.

Cool episode. They did some thinking outside the box on this one. The nice thing is that this episode finished on a high note – the prophecy is proven true, just requiring a different interpretation.

Call me a suffragist (assuming that’s a word) but I liked that ALL THREE Cardassian scientists were women. It’s a nice change versus a typical group of 3 male guests or the even worse and pandering: 2 males plus a token 1 female.


Grand Nagus Zek starts turning the Rules of Acquisition into a commie rag!

At first this episode seems like a whole whack of nonsense but then it actually turns into a decent little story. There’s not a lot to say about it but it’s a competent and entertaining little Ferengi focused episode. “little Ferengi”… that was kind of rude.


Chief O’Brien has visions of the near future.

Kind of a common Star Trek concept but I like this episode. It works because the plot keeps changing directions and that prevents the ending from being predictable. O’Brien, thanks to his visions, is able to change the future, right off the bat. It’s so common in time travel stories (and I mean not just the Trek ones) for attempts to change the future to be held until the final act. This story takes on a whole extra dimension because the plot is continuously evolving thanks to O’Brien’s actions.

It’s not perfectly executed (the ending is a little anti-climactic relative to the more exciting vision of the climax we saw earlier) but this remains a solid episode.


Bashir gets attacked then he starts aging fast.

I don’t even want to dignify this episode with a review. I’ve seen bad episodes of Trek where a weird idea never pans out or it’s just too quirky for its own good. But this… this piece of garbage is junk. All around junk. It feels formulaic right from the start so there isn’t even any intrigue that it will BECOME interesting. It’s junk. You know it’s a dream so there are NO STAKES. We know that everything we see doesn’t matter UNTIL the end. If I could DELETE this episode from my DVD just to make certain I never accidentally watch it again, I would.

I consider this episode WORSE than Shades of Grey. WORSE.


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