Life Support, Heart of Stone


Bashir slowly turns Vedek Bereil into a robot to keep him alive.

Problem here is Bashir. We didn’t get a chance to see him struggle with what he’s doing. His dilemma is logical but still comes out of nowhere. There is no character focus in this episode, no main character. As a result we never really get an idea of who is going through what, they all just seem like a bunch of archetypes in the midst of a morality play. But the story is totally saved by the following dialogue…

NOG: What could be more important than dom-jot?
JAKE: I have a date
NOG: Ohh. Well that’s different.
JAKE: It is?
NOG: Yeah, money is money but women are better.
JAKE: Is that a rule of acquisition?
NOG: It’s a personal rule. So, who is she?
JAKE: Leanne
NOG: Leanne. Way to go Jake! So, what is the name of my date? I hope she’s as cute as Leanne.
JAKE: YOUR date?
NOG: She has a friend, right.
JAKE: I’m sure she does.
NOG: Then tell her to bring her along.
JAKE: Nog, that’s not what I had in mind.
NOG: That’s because you were confused. Would you rather the three of us go out?
JAKE: When you put it that way…
NOG: Exactly!


127 Hours – Star Trek version.

The episode’s better than you would think. It actually reminds me of a two-person play on a spartan set where if you just suspend your disbelief it’s really engrossing.

Regarding Nog’s subplot about getting into Starfleet: for a moment, I was troubled by the lack of foreshadowing. All of a sudden Nog wants into Starfleet? He seems like a petty criminal at times with no ambition or ability. When Sisko says that Starfleet is just a whim for Nog I totally agreed and it felt like a whim by the writers as well – one that wasn’t properly planned for. But then Nog explains that he wants to join Starfleet because he doesn’t want to end up like his father, and it suddenly turns into this amazing scene. This is the dramatic Ferengi story I’ve been waiting for. Awesome. I love how a life in Starfleet, free from money is a back-up plan for a Ferengi because he know he’ll fail at capitalism.


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