Defiant, Fascination


Thomas Riker hijacks the Defiant. Hopefully you know who that is.

I’m glad this didn’t feel like stunt casting. Not sure why but it felt organic to have Thomas Riker here and not just like a desperate grab at ratings. Other than that, the general story is nothing particularly new. A criminal does something and unveils the work of worse criminals.

Side note: I remember playing a Star Trek video game where you have to rescue Thomas Riker from a Cardassian prison. I guess things work out okay eventually.

Another side note: The TNG episode “Second Chances” from which this episode is spawned contains one of the best bits of insight into humanity that I’ve ever seen on television. It’s the moment when Worf tells Data why he thinks the two Rikers don’t get along. I won’t try to explain it in words, I would just ruin it.


Lwaxana Troi and her new facelift wreak havok on DS9.

I like O’Brien but sometimes I want to smack him. Keiko and Molly return to the station after being away for months but KEIKO puts her to bed while he has a beer?!?!? This is the 90s, not the 50s! Although for O’Brien THIS is the 2370s so he really has no excuse.


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