The House of Quark, Equilibrium, Second Skin


Quark accidentally kills a Klingon and becomes the new head of his victim’s house.

There seems to be a formula – every half dozen episodes contains one episode of comic relief via a Quark storyline. I wish they wouldn’t be afraid to have moments of Quark infused levity in the more serious episodes. It adds some depth to DS9 and makes it feel like a more REAL place when we see other people observing and commenting.

I will say that I really enjoy it when the writers have the guts to ignore humans for a full episode. It’s s lot of fun watching the Klingons and Ferengi play off each other.


Dax starts going crazy.

Cool episode. The ending was predictable but it was good nonetheless.

Also, the timeline of the story doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. The other Dax applied to the program, was rejected, and then murdered the man who rejected him, then he got back in? Or did he get in and then killed that guy for no reason – and the story that he was ever rejected was a lie? It’s seems to be a catch-22 plot hole. If Dax killed the guy for rejecting him then Dax would never have been joined. If Dax wasn’t rejected then why would he kill him?

Anyway, those masks were scary as hell! My two year old daughter kept glancing at the screen and going, GASP!


Kira wakes up as a Cardassian.

This is a rare example of a weak idea saved by good execution.

It seems like the writers were sitting around one day…
“Remember when we wrote that episode where Troi wakes up as a Romulan? Didn’t we have two ideas about where the story should go?”
“Good, let’s do the other one but with Kira.

The secret scheme by the villain is way too convoluted to be plausible but the episode works because of Kira’s relationship with her “father”. Nana Vistor really shines when she has something to act delicately and the audience isn’t distracted by her crazy shoulder pads.


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