The Wire, Crossover, The Collaborator, Tribunal


Garak’s anti-torture implant goes hayWIRE.

This was a good episode from a character point of view. Even though we never really learn anything about Garak since it seems that everything he says is a lie – and yet we learn a lot about him because of the lies he tells. The morality tales he weaves and the way he looks at Bashir while telling them lets us know a great deal about Garak. In the hands of a young or less accomplished actor I would be worried that much of what I have seen in Garak will eventually be contradicted. However, I firmly trust that Andrew Robinson would reject script content that he feels isn’t true ‘Garak’. At this point I would rank Garak as one of the top 3 characters in Trek ever.


This is a cooler idea than story. I haven’t seen many of the mirror universe Trek episodes but I definitely see the appeal.

The highlight here for me is to watch Nana Vistor get a chance to flex her acting muscles. She really is talented. Kira (normal Kira) is a decently layered character but she doesn’t get enough chances to do much aside from get annoyed and irrate. She plays that quite well but nevertheless but this sex and power hungry Kira really stands out. She makes an excellent villain.


Kira sets out to prove her boyfriend ain’t no traitor.

This episodes lacks some style. It’s a decent story but what’s needed to give that story some weight is for us to see the emotional stakes. We need to see more of why Winn can’t be allowed to be the new Kai. We need to know why Kira loves Bereil. We need to know what Opaka meant to the Bajorans and to their sense of right and wrong.
We don’t get enough of those key themes so when the twists come, although they are examples of decent writing, we don’t care much and we see no consequences.


O’Brien gets framed.

The first ten minutes shoulda been skipped because the last 2 minutes are terrible and rushed.

The story started picking up steam when the Maquis covertly visited Bashir in sickbay to tell him the guy that framed O’Brien wasn’t one of theirs. But then the whole rest of the story where they figure out how O’Brien was framed happens off screen? Madening!

The story that Sisko tells O’Brien in the last two minutes of the episode (what would normally have been called “the plot”) should have been the last quarter of the episode.


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