The Maquis: Part 1 & 2

THE MAQUIS pt 1 & 2

I’m not gonna say what this one’s about, any Trek fan knows that.

My first point: this Vulcan woman. I like the choice of having Vulcan members of the Maquis. It adds depth to the whole species. I always struggle with how an emotionless, unified, logic loving species would have any such thing as free thinking. I can’t help but always feel like all Vulcans are the same. I’d like to see more differing opinions amongst Vulcans about how to interpret logic.

I’d love to know who cast Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat, such a great investment. I know he’s played a couple of characters before but he never stood out much. He seems to have been destined to play the defining Cardassian. Without this actor, I don’t feel like this species would have much personality. Every other character (aside from Garak) just seems like a Bully. Plus Dukat has SEVEN children… Baller!

It gets on my nerves that the Maquis’ most contentious point is having to move to different land on account of the Cardassian treaty. I feel like the Maquis hating and distrusting the Cardassians on account of the war against the Federation and the occupation of Bajor is reason enough for them to exist.

The people on Trek who settled those colonies only settled them because the Federation had claimed the land at one point or another. So if these colonist settled there based on Federation policy, they should be prepared to move in a situation like this. Nothing lasts forever, particularly ownership. That should be one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquistion.

The end… hmmm. Sisko decides to let his friend go. I felt nothing watching it happen. I think there was a mistake right off the bat at the start of part 1. Sisko tells Cal that he’s sorry he didn’t make it to Cal’s wife’s funeral. That just made me feel a lack of closeness between the two. This two-partner would have been a lot more emotional if I really felt the bond between these two guys. If Sisko had been the only close friend who made it to the funeral, this would show not only what a good friend Sisko was but also how many people in Starfleet have to sacrifice things for their job. It would similarly have shown how much the Maquis mean to Cal. As the episode stands – Cal and Sisko never seem all that close to me and I don’t care about Sisko’s decision to let him go. There is zero tension in the climactic space battle.


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