Shadow Play, Playing God, Profit and Loss, Blood Oath


Dax and Odo investigate a mystery planet of vanishing people. I didn’t get where this story was going and it was hard to get into. The population also seems a little bit mentally challenged. They reminded me of Pakleds. It feels like someone took a script for a TNG episode and hit Edit + Replace with the character names.

There was one thing in this episode that I loved, the subplot about Sisko wanting Jake to join Starfleet.

I’ve often wondered, “Who WOULDN’T join Starfleet!” Sometimes it feels like the only job in the 24th century. The fact is that 99% of people watching Star Trek would kill to join Starfleet. I gotta say it would be an awesome job. So the audience is definitely on Sisko’s side in this story. We all expect Jake to join Starfleet. I love that Jake isn’t interested in it. This really adds an extra dimension to the Star Trek universe. To Jake, Starfleet is his dad’s boring job and he wants to do something else. He knows what the universe has to offer and he wants to try something else. I don’t agree with Jake, but I understand him.



Cardassian Voles infest the station. A universe is born. A Trill host applicant gets berated by Dax.

All the stories play out the same way – who’s life is worth more? Who’s life is better? Yours or somebody else’s? Is it wrong to kill an innocent person in exchange for your own?

This episode weakly answers this question of evolutionary superiority.

1. If it’s vermin, yes.

2. If it’s a universe… well… figure out a way around the moral dilemna so you don’t have to come to an conclusion.

3. If it’s a fellow Trill initiate who wants your guidance, spare the rod, spoil the child.

Thanks for the wisdom.


Quark’s former love comes aboard the station but she is sort of using him. And I guess she’s helping some terrorists.

If you’re watching this on DVD, just skip to when Garak is on screen. He has so many amazing lines and Andrew Robinson really shines with each and every one. A very under-rated actor.

Although it was interesting to see Quark has a heart, it was too much. His actions were way out of character and they made everything he has ever done on screen seem trivial. They’ve made it seem as though all he wanted in life was this Cardassian woman and everything else is a consolation prize.

Personally, I would have just scrapped the Quark romance and made this a multi-character story relating to the hand-over of terrorists. BUT have Garak hanging around behind the scenes until he suddenly becomes important at the end. It’s thin… but it’s mine!


Dax runs into three Klingons; former friends of Curzon Dax.

I really like this twist on the standard Trek plot people showing up from someone’s past. I was expecting the traditional story – they ask Jadzia for help – she must honour Curzon’s commitment. Instead, the onus falls on Jadzia to prove to the Klingons that she has the same soul as Curzon. I’m glad they focused most of the episode on that dynamic rather than the violent assault. It’s a nicely balanced storyline.

One issue though… when it serves Jadzia, she isn’t really the same as Curzon – like when she’s on trial for murder. However, at times like this she states “I am Curzon” when it suits her own needs. I wish they would address that.

Last point, I love Jadzia’s pseudo Klingon uniform.


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