Armageddon Game, Whispers, Paradise


O’Brien and Bashir help some aliens destroy the last of their WMD to prevent further bloodshed, but then someone tries to wipe them out, too.

Decent concept. Episode starts well but then O’Brien and Bashir’s deaths are faked in laughable surveillance footage.

Then there is this ridiculous scene. Keiko watches the video of her husbands last moments on earth. The time code indicates it’s the afternoon but O’Brien is drinking coffee? Keiko tells Sisko that Miles NEVER drinks coffee in the afternoon! Sisko, logically says that maybe O’Brien was drinking something else. No! No! No! Keiko responds, the molecular scan in the video indicates it was coffee!


I believe that warp engines are possible.

Transporters – it’s kind of ridiculous that a computer could possibly break down a person AND their mind into data and transfer it, along with said bio-matter to another place in five seconds but I’ll buy it.


The writers of Deep Space Nine actually expect me to believe that four hundred years from now surveillance footage will actually contain molecular scans of everything in the video.



Chief O’Brien wakes up on an episode of “The Twilight Zone” where everyone is conspiring against him.

This feels like a retread of many many many other episodes of Star Trek, and sci-fi in general.

I have virtually nothing to say about this episode. Despite the fact that it builds to a twist ending, and that we can clearly see a twist ending is coming, it’s totally by the numbers. It also seems to be a close copy of that Phillip K, Dick story Impostor


Sisko and O’Brien get stuck on a planet full of marooned humans who have abandoned the use of technology.

I like this one. It reminds me A LOT of that movie The Beach – it’s hard not to compare the two. I should note, I am a big fan of that movie (I realize that isn’t the norm).

I actually had a bit of trouble analyzing this episode because I was expecting it to play out exactly like The Beach. When I think back, the villain appears as Tilda Swinton in my mind actually.

Anyway, it’s a good little story and I like getting the chance to see Sisko be stubborn. He spends a lot of time on the station, getting his way, it’s good to see how he handles NOT being in control. I disagreed with many choices he made in trying to prove he wouldn’t bow down to the laws of this settlement – but my disagreements here actually built his character. Some of Avery Brooks better acting for sure.

The ending, where the more low-key characters said they liked their new home wasn’t believable to me and came a bit out of nowhere. They were pissed off just now about how they wound up there. The last show though kind of redeems that mistake as he see two children staring at where Sisko and O’Brien’s transporter beams just were – contemplating a future and galaxy they may never get a chance to see.


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