Rules of Acquisition, Necessary Evil, Second Sight

Rules of Acquisition

The Grand Nagus makes Quark go negotiate for some wine. This is, I believe, the first mention of The Dominion.

One thing I should say is that I would really like to see a story about the Ferengi that is NOT comedic. Other than the Ferengi woman in drag (or rather, in clothes) this episode is highly unmemorable.

Necessary Evil

Quark is nearly killed and Odo investigates causing him to reflect on how he got his job as Constable years earlier.

This episode is WAY better than my meager synopsis would indicate. The flashbacks to DS9 during the occupation are outstanding. The cinematography really sets the scene and makes this feel like a completely different time and place. The story also effectively settle one major issue I’ve had with DS9; how Odo would up in charge of security. It actually makes sense now. That being said I would actually like to have seen more interaction between Odo and some Bajorans throughout DS9’s run to get deeper into whether or not he was considered a collaborator.

That being said the real strength here is the Odo / Kira story. These two characters have a lot to offer with their roles in the occupation of Bajor. It’s nice to see that fleshed out here and how they knew each other. It adds a lot of depth to their relationship with some character defining moments here. I’m glad the writers weren’t afraid to start looking at the dark side of the Trek universe.

9 outta 10!

Second Sight

Probably the worst episode of DS9 I’ve seen.

The re-ignition of a collaprsed star is hangled with all the gravitas of… whatever the opposite of a collapsed star is!

The scientist doing it is designed to be annoying. Too annoying. Way too annoying. I would gladly hand this guy a beating if I ever met him. Oh wait, I don’t need to… he kills himself… for NO reason whatsoever. This is sub-elementary school writing.

And his wife who can physically project her alter-ego is not adequately explained… nevermind… I give up.

Oh, wait, one other dumb thing: some of the episode takes place on board the USS Prometheus – I can handle the fact that Starfleet commissions another Prometheus on Voyager just a couple years later. WHY do we never see the Captain? What the hell? Some Lieutenant is running things the whole time. It’s just annoying.


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