The Homecoming, The Circle, The Siege

Season 2 starts… NOW!

Academy Award nominee Skeletor guest stars. We’re taking it up a notch! Good to see this level of casting. Fills me with confidence.

This episode and, it would be fair to say already, this season is a vast improvement. They’re already distancing themselves from TNG with these less episodic stories. I have to give them credit, the story with a begging, middle and end.

Part 2…

Boy voyage to Kira is an amazing scene. It’s really well directed and acted.

Love this set on Bajor of the police type station. Nice scene too for both Sisko and this other guy – Sisko volunteering information BEFORE asking a favor is not an original moment. However, they play it so well it seems like no one in history has ever done anything this noble.

Odo just morphed into a rat on one of his many spying missions. I like the fact that he can shape shift into something much smaller. Take THAT T-1000!!!

Kira’s torture – man, those are quite the cuts. They’d have to be pretty blood thirsty in their torture. Seems excessive.

Admiral Chakotay? But the subtitles say “Chekote”? Curious. I think ‘memory alpha’ has jumped to a conclusion that there is a connection to Voyager; the closed captioner was probably working off the original script.

I kinda figured the Cardassians were behind all this but I suspected a different notice than helping the career of a guy who wants rid of the Federation. Seems like the Cardassians would have to know a ridiculous amount of Bajoran culture. My thought was that it would be a smart move simply to provoke a civil war.

This Chekote doesn’t look too Native American. Wow! Ordered to evac the station. I would indeed obey the order even though I don’t totally agree with it. I like Disco Sisko’s interpretation that some of his people can’t evac because they’ll still have equipment to pack. Leaving it behind would actually be a partial breach of the prime directive – IMHO.

To be continued… again… NICE! I think I’ve got just enough time during my daughter’s nap to make this work!!!

Part 3…

I like Disko’s little opening monologue about how tied the whole crew is to Bajor. The crying Lt is a good touch – we rarely see that much emotion on Star Trek. It’s also nice to see so many minorities in amongst the crew. I see five black Starfleet officers in here. Thumbs up!

The rest of the episode isn’t so great – but I am actually judging it alongside the opening two episodes of this season. As a third act to this story it’s a nice touch to have it all build to this “DS9 Hard” situation. However, it’s a bit jarring to suddenly have an episode that is so short on plot.

Nevertheless, season 2 is off to a great start. Rather than matching the quality of TNG it’s really started to choose its own path.


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