The Nagus & Vortex

Rom isn’t much to look at but he’s a good character. He’s afraid of Quark but really hard on his son, Nog. It’a nice to see supporting characters who aren’t one dimensional.

Chief O’Brien is teaching Keiko’s class. This is how I would define hell.

“Please feel free to use my own… brother’s quarters.”
Great line.

I love how big the Nagus’ ears are. Although the plot of this episode is fairly non-thrilling, the focus on Ferengi culture really adds something. My step-son isn’t any great fan of Trek but he likes the Ferengi, particularly their misogynistic and capitalist priorities. Maybe it’s the fact that these priorities seem to go hand-in-hand that my own left leaning sensibilities find interesting.

Quark to be the new Nagus. Something tells me things don’t pan out.

In a time when not everyone is a capitalist, those who are interested in making money can do so without an education – or even knowing how to read. It makes sense when I think about it; in 2013 you need an education to succeed in business because you need to stand out from the pack. In Star Trek, money is something for those with no goals in life.

Nagus is dead? I think I see where this is going.

I don’t get you Avery Brooks. You handled that scene where Sisko gets mad at Jake perfectly – particularly the subtle concern mixed with regret afterwards BUT why so awkward the rest of the time?

So Rom tried to kill Quark. That’s awesome. And I can’t help but think it will be forgivable within Ferengi moral code.

So Jake’s been teaching Nog to read. That’s why he’s been out late. Nice. I wish that when my daughter is sneaking about the house she was learning to read – rather than seeing how much toothpaste and Q-tips our toilet can withstand.

Vortex. I remember watching this episode in ’93 when it was first on. My parents were out for the evening so I had Kraft Dinner with a Crystal Pepsi while I watched it. Man, that was a good meal – full of eclectic flavors.

Anyway, I remember the story. This dude who looks like Joy Behar recovering from an eye-lift, tells Odo he will show him where there are other shape shifters. They go there and it turns out the guy was lying – he needed Odo’s help rescuing his daughter.

It’s a silly and rather insulting story idea. As if the audience would really expect answers regarding Odo’s origin so early in DS9’s run. It’s just like that episode of Voyager from the first season where they find a wormhole back to the Alpha quadrant. Really? Has the show been cancelled already? We’re wrapping things up?

But let’s see if this episode has anything more to offer.

30 minutes later… nope… I just want a Crystal Pepsi.


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