Q Less

My wife is out with the kids while I have some time to myself. I ran 12.9km this morning and so now I am taking it easy.

What kind of a title is ‘Q Less’ anyway? This continues the long tradition of nonsensical puns that feature Q throughout Star Trek.

‘Q Who’ for instance. Is that a play on “YOU WHO!” I don’t know how to spell that. “QUEUE WHO!” as in HELLO! Why? That episode was the first ever appearance of the Borg. A very serious episode. What’s with THAT title???

‘Deja Q’ was the one where Q lost his powers. What?

‘Qpid’ involved Q, Picard and Picard’s sorta-girlfriend Vash. This title SORTA makes sense except that Q wound up stealing Vash from Picard, rather than reuniting them.

So now, in this DS9 episode Q and Vash are together on DS9. But she is fed up with him. This is a phenomenally UNinteresting episode. Not to mention the fact that for Sisko and Dax there is this big mystery about who Vash is. But O’Brien knows. And we know he knows. So we’re sitting here waiting for this dramatic irony to be over with. Das ist einen nuissance episode! The episode is now just a minute shy of halfway through and O’Brien spotted Q. A brilliant twist! Ugh! Q “disguises” himself as a Bajoran waiter. But he still looks like Q so O’Brien recognized him immediately. What?!?!?!? UGH!!!

And where did the name Vash come from? It seems like a mixture between “vagina” and “ga…” nevermind. But actually, with her only reason for originally appearing on Star Trek was to be a love interest for Captain Picard thus the writers decided she only deserved an anatomical name? I don’t really think so but if I was a feminist I would have a field day with this.

Sisko and Q are boxing now.

Not the best of Trek.


2 thoughts on “Q Less

  1. Carrie

    Q less is a pun for “clueless” as in they are clueless as to what’s going on. kinda dumb, yeah, but oh well. The only thing I didn’t like about the “Q” names, was that it was immediately a dead give away that he would be in the show. Kinda spoiled the fun for me. And as a female, it never occurred to me that Vash sounded anything like vagina… really? I think you are preoccupied… 😉

  2. pfsycho Post author

    Clueless? Wow! Thank you!
    For a moment there I was thinking Clueless was a reference to the movie “Clueless” and the love/hate relationship between Vash/Q and Alicia Silverstone/Paul Rudd but this pre-dates that movie by two years.
    I’m over-thinking it.
    No… wait… under-thinking it.


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