The Emissary

Today is Saturday, March 16th.

I actually began my DS9 trek yesterday afternoon. It was really frustrating to get through the first episode.

I put Rosie down for a nap around 3pm. It’s march break so her schedule’s been all messed up. I started watching The Emissary, the two part Series Premiere of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 while I did my 25 minute intensive workout.

The first scene showing the destruction of Sisko’s ship at the battle of Wolf 359 is pretty awesome… but then I heard Rosie running around. I went to check her and she said she went poo. I cleaned her up and put a new diaper on and put her back down.

I finished my workout while Major Kira ranted at Sisko about the federation. I’m not surprised I didn’t like this show when I was 13. I loved the Federation back then. I would have joined Starfleet in a second when I was 13. Then I heard Rosie running around. She said she went pee. I told her she had better no be lying, sure enough she had indeed inpeed. I cleaned her up but figuring she was “on empty’ I put her down with no diaper.

I returned to the show. Sisko was such a dick to Picard. I realize Picard technically killed his wife but Sisko gets way out of line while speaking to a superior officer. And actually, he just acts like an ass hole. I’m not going to blame Sisko the character for that, I’m gonna blame the actor, Avery Brooks. What should be a scene about hurt becomes a scene about revenge. No wonder I didn’t like this when I was 13. I hear Rosie running around. I go and check. Should have put a diaper on her it seems. She has left a pile in the middle of the room. Yuck.

I go back to the show. Dax and Bashir join the cast. Dax’s uniform barely looks like a real prop. Looks like a Star Trek Halloween costume you’d buy for $19.99 and feel you were ripped off. It might as well have STAR TREK written diagonally across it. I guess they figured she would only wear it for a couple of scenes. Why put in any effort!

Kira is cleaning up some debris from the promenade. I remember this scene from when I was 13. Kira has taken off her jacket and we see her strange white undershirt, that’s sort of tight, sort of loose. My sister, who was 22 at the time walked in while I was watching this scene and yelled, “look at the tits on her!” My sister isn’t generally that brash, she just liked to make fun of me for being in puberty any chance she got. As I look at it now, Kira seems pretty average in her proportions.

Oh good, Rosie is up again. To hell with it. I’ll watch this later I decide.

Around 10 o’clock Rosie is in bed, so is Liam, Heidi (my boo) is off to take a bath before bed. So I can finish this episode and move on to the other 175 episodes or so.

Commander Sisko spends most of this episode in a weird dream, speaking to the Prophets, the aliens who built the wormhole. I understand why they needed to. It’s so that Sisko can realize their importance and he can simultaneously get help from them and come to terms with his wife’s death. But it’s odd, as I said, because a minor skirmish takes place in real life between the Cardassians and DS9. It hardly demonstrates Sisko as any particularly hero. It’s such an odd way to have the first episode unfold I have to give the writers credit for caring more about the Prophets storyline than the battle.

Sisko meets again with Picard. Wow. You know what? Sisko isn’t so noble or anything in this  scene but he has obviously come to terms with his wife’s death as expressed through the respect he is now showing Picard. Maybe I was too naive at 13 to really get what they were trying to say about Sisko when I first watched this episode. Hmmm. I’ll move forward with some optimist.


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