Dax & The Passenger

I’ve just pepped dinner. Got a couple of hours until I need to cook it. I can watch ‘Dax’ before everyone gets home… I hope.
Gregory Itzin, the guy who played the awesome evil President on 24 is trying to kidnap Dax.
So it seems Dax is or was a murderer. I am actually intrigued since it’s a previous Dax host that’s accused of murder. This gives the writers some leeway – maybe Dax is indeed a murderer. I want them to have the balls for that. Dax won’t put up a fight though. Makes me think Dax is really the father of this dude that’s trying to kidnap him/her but doesn’t want to admit it.

This early into DS9 the crew dynamic is interesting. No one is really friends but they are all demonstrating they are good at their jobs and CAN work together. I credit the writers with that. We’re learning to respect these characters before we learn to like them.

Sisko just jumped to the same conclusion as me. Mediocre minds think alike. Then he gets mad that Jadzia won’t talk, punches a wall and says something along the lines of, “if only you were still a man.” Is that sexist? I think so. He also looked like he was really gonna punch Jadzia. Interesting. Awful… but kind of interesting.

Turns out Dax was in bed with the victims wife when he was supposed to be committing the alleged crime. Dull.

Like I said – would have been more interesting if Dax was the killer and the new Dax was offended by the thought of infidelity and thus ashamed of that shared past.

My step-son walked in during the closing seconds. He couldn’t wait to tell me about the dog they picked. We’re going camping next weekend so we can’t really take the dog before then, but he and my wife both want to. And they won’t shut up about trying to figure out how we can pick up the dog immediately. So… time for some DS9…

Kira and Bashir on a runabout. Weird. They probably weren’t dating at that point. I wonder when the attraction started. Or do I? They don’t look like a couple to me. She doesn’t seem old but she seems a lot older than him.

These sound FX from the alarm need to be louder and the camera needs to be shaking. The actors seem to be yelling for no reason.

Prisoner chokes Bashir and gurgles, “Make Me Live!” Ominous. Sounds like a possession episode.

There’s a new starfleet security dude Lieutenant Primmin. He reminds me of the guy from “10 Things I hate about You” who was excited that Nigel had arrived with the Brie. Thankfully Sisko hands this dummy his ass at the end of their conversation. He’ll still screw things up though… somehow…

Maybe this guy killed the real Primmin. I’m listening…

They’re making us think that maybe it’s the girl that’s hunting the prisoner. No, wait, the whole crew is suspecting her.

Oh man, I think I was right at the start. It’s gotta be Bashir.

I’m right. Boom! But that was a sucky reveal. Could have been way more tense, even scary. Missed opportunity.


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