Captive Pursuit

I know I’ve seen this one before. Something about a hunter and prey. This Tosk guy reminds me of an alien from something – like they’ve reused the makeup. It’ll come to me.

I’m actually watching the credits. They are so slow. Nothing happens. It’s just shot after shot of the station. And the pace is painful – both the music and the camera moves. I’d say something trite about watching paint dry but at least paint occasionally gets spilled thus resulting in an action scene.

O’Brien mentions that this Tosk guy is the first visitor from the Gamma quadrant. I wonder if he will mention the Dominion. Kind of doubt it but would be cool nonetheless.

This episode has me bored. Why do we need to have normal human life explained to this alien? Why is this interesting to the audience? This happens on Star Trek too often. I wish they would occasionally show Aliens examining THEIR culture to humans through similes. That would be interesting.

I’ll give credit to the guy playing Tosk. He throws a lot of what he’s probably leaned as an actor out the window. The mannerisms we associate with most of humanity are not present in this character.

The “hunters” just showed up. These are some subpar costumes. They are a mix of the show “V” and 1970 Battlestar plus a dash of Daft Punk. Their transporter is so weird it’s kind of cool.

They’re still preaching that it’s wrong to hunt sentient beings. I’m not sure I find this episode particularly groundbreaking. And then Tosk jumps on one of the hunters, knocking him off a catwalk, probably breaking their neck. O’Brien has pretty much no reaction. Is hunting wrong but killing okay? I’m really confused.

Now I remember where I’ve seen Tosk before, he played The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.


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